Leading Teams in a Changing World

Help your employees and teams thrive in today’s new environment of work

  • Tailored to managers, senior leaders, and employees at every level
  • Workshops include electronic toolkits to reinforce and provide practical follow up
  • Deploy programs immediately using Leader Success facilitators or your staff
  • Programs customized to meet your specific organization needs
  • All workshops are 1-2 hours in length including participant-specific challenges and discussion

Virtual Sessions

Leading Virtual Teams Through Uncertainty

Motivate and mobilize your virtual teams to thrive in a challenging and ever changing environment.

  • Set priorities and expectations to maximize contribution despite obstacles
  • Adjust leadership style to motivate, build resilience, and support teams in a new way
  • Communicate effectively and maintain connections
  • Sustain remote employees’ focus and productivity

Managing Uncertainty and Stress

Change can be unsettling, and the current larger shifts in our work routine are even more so.

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and overcome obstacles
  • Stay motivated and focused despite uncertainty
  • Anticipate, prepare for, and manage change
  • Bounce back and persevere despite challenges

Lead Strategic Execution Through Uncertainty

An ever-changing virtual workplace requires new leadership mindsets and behaviors to lead execution.

  • Enable teams to execute on strategic priorities in uncertain times
  • Shift mindset, leadership style and approach to leading in an uncertain environment
  • Manage change personally and role model these behaviors with your teams
  • Understand your team’s challenges, inspire, and motivate them
  • Approach communication in a new way to support the team

Guiding Your Team Through Conflict and Stress

The stress of sudden isolation and a rapidly changing virtual workplace can cause cracks to appear on your team that may not have been apparent before.

  • Use the results of the team’s DiSC assessments to understand styles and tendencies
  • Recognize opportunities to productively re-frame potential areas of conflict
  • Build a common understanding of behaviors and reactions
  • Reinforce the connections that already exist on the team, and forge new ones

Strengthening Your Virtual Team

Understanding each other becomes even more crucial when we can’t meet face-to-face.

  • Integrate aspects of style and behavior to better cope with working remotely
  • Communicate, collaborate, and manage stress and conflict more effectively
  • Build and implement team agreements that support ongoing success
  • Structure their work to reflect the strengths and styles of every team member

Navigating the Virtual Workplace

Staying connected, productive, and motivated while working at a distance is hard, but not impossible.

  • Adapt to and thrive in a virtual environment
  • Prioritize, focus, and be productive
  • Establish daily goals and routines
  • Maintain connections and build relationships
  • Communicate effectively in a new environment

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